Westview Laundry Event

On September 24th Westview Baptist Church held an outreach designed to serve the community by meeting a basic need.  The event was called “Laundry Love”.  The goal was to engage with our community through the love of Christ by washing, drying, folding, and paying for the laundry of anyone that came to the Best Wash Laundromat in Fairview Heights that afternoon.


The Lord blessed as we had many take advantage of the offer.  One family even came all the way from St. Louis!  Of course, it’s not about the laundry.  We wanted to open up conversations with people who needed encouragement, love, and prayer.  Most importantly, we wanted to be a people motivated by the gospel.  As the afternoon went on, we were able to talk to many people who had difficult circumstances and just needed some prayer.  They thought they came for help with their laundry, but the Lord brought them to experience His love.


People shared personal circumstances with us from a woman whose husband had recently been in a car accident to a mom whose daughter was struggling with mental illness.  We were able to capture these needs through this outreach.  Not only were we able to care for and encourage these folks, but we also brought their needs back to the Westview family for prayer.


If you’d like to hold an event like this, Westview would be honored to share with you how to do it!