Leadership Development

Robert Quinn, a leadership professor at University of Michigan, points out that the origins of the word “leader” means to “go forth and die.”  When you consider the origin of the word, the church should be the most natural organization to develop leaders.  Jesus taught us to “make disciples.”  That means you know THE Leader, Jesus.  You are growing in your relationship with Him.  You have a passion and conviction to make sure you lead others to Jesus and teach them to do what you are doing.  You build a culture of knowing and doing that produces leaders who develop leaders.

The Metro East Baptist Association is committed to leadership development.  We are working to develop Pastor Networks and Leadership training events to augment our commitment to the Southwest Illinois School of Theology (SWIST) that is an extension of Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Pastor Networks 

The purpose of this group is to provide a place for learning, encouragement, and support for pastors.  The group will consist of no more than eight pastors and is considered a closed group after the second meeting.  Groups will meet once a month for three hours at the MEBA office at a time determined by the group.

Group meetings will consist of four elements:

  1. Leadership, Character and Spiritual Development
  2. Peer Learning
  3. Peer Consultation
  4. Peer Accountability and Prayer

If you are interested in being part of a Pastor Network, please call the office.

Leadership Development

Each year we will work to provide specialized training for pastors and lay leaders in our churches. These events are designed to help meet your needs.

The foundation of our model is Lead Like Jesus. Being a leader involves allowing Jesus to change our hearts, head, hands, and habits so all we do glorifies Him. We plan to regularly offer the foundational Lead Like Jesus Encounter, a ten hour interactive learning event, which help to apply these principles.

Southwest Illinois School of Theology

Gateway Seminary’s Advance centers began with the mission to provide accessible ministry training at post-high school level.  The Metro East and Gateway associations have hosted an Advance center here in the Metro East for many years.  It has gone by the name Southwest Illinois School of Theology (SWIST).  That is who we still are today.

The program offered through SWIST is accredited by Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention located in Ontario, California.  Their program is called Advance.  The program is designed to  provide leadership development via quality, Bible-based education without having to leave one’s ministry setting.

The goal is to prepare church leaders, worker and planters to work in their own ministry field while getting the education they want and need.

We ae providing classes to enable students to achieve Ministry Leadership Diplomas.  These ministry leadership diplomas are made up of 48 hours of coursework (16 classes) including the 12 hours necessary for a Ministry Certificate.  Currently SWIST is offering diplomas in three ministry areas:  Christian Ministry, Pastoral Ministries, and On Mission,

To see the latest list of classes offered and download the current brochure click here.