Meadow Heights Baptist Church, Collinsville, Illinois

Pastor Profile

Meadow Heights is looking for a senior pastor who is an effective leader with humility and integrity. At a minimum, we are seeking seminary graduates with 5 or more years of experience serving as a pastor. Southern Baptist applicants are preferred. All applicants must be ordained and adhere to the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 to be considered for this role. Our ideal candidate needs to be comfortable pastoring a multi-generational church with a shepherd’s heart; we value someone who is community focused and eager to do good works in Collinsville.

Church Profile

Meadow Heights is a Bible based, conservative, Southern Baptist church with an emphasis on prayer. Our congregation is drawn from several communities in the Metro East area. Our worship service averages around 150 people and we have about 100 people that participate in Bible study programs. Additionally, we have a thriving Senior Adult Ministry and a growing Children’s program. With an evangelistic heart for our community, we are focused on sharing the love of Jesus through our ministries.

Community Profile

Meadow Heights Baptist Church is located in Collinsville, Illinois with a population of 24k. Collinsville is one of the main cities that makes up the Saint Louis/Metro East suburban area. We have an active community that offers many opportunities to evangelize both inside and outside of the church’s walls. Meadow Heights has been proudly serving this community for over the past 70 years, and we are looking for an ideal candidate who is willing to lead us in our community mission.

The age of our 3 mile surrounding area involves a large percentage of emerging adults and young families. Statistics currently show 50% of this area is Gen-Z and Millennials, projected to increase to 59% by 2027. The ethnicity ranges from 80% caucasian, 11% African-American, and 6% hispanic. We serve a mix of white and blue collar workers where some will commute into the city of Saint Louis while others work in local industries.


Submit Resume: After prayerful consideration, interested candidates should submit a resume to [email protected]