Church Health

Jesus builds the church, He sustains the church, He is the head of the church.  All of these statements are Biblical truths.  The church IS about Jesus.  Therefore, the body of Christ, the church, should be healthy and fit for His daily service.

At the heart of our Church Revitalization process, is an intensive 18 month process where a church looks at its key systems. The process is outlined below.

  1. A pastor completes a Pastor questionnaire and has several key leaders fill out the church questionnaire.
  2. The pastor takes the Grip-Birkman profile. The cost for this profile is $105. The church or pastor is expected to pay half of the cost.
  3. The pastor leads the church in completing the “Triage for a Stuck Church” questionnaire. This is done in a group setting, with an outside coach present.
  4. The pastor participates in a “Key to Deep Change” small group and begins taking his leaders through this study.
  5. The church votes to participate in the 18 month process, enters into a covenant with the association which includes regular financial giving, and is assigned a coach.
  6. At the end of the eighteen months, the church is encouraged to do a Natural Church Development Survey to determine other areas it needs to work on.

Other Resources for all churches

  • Bi-monthly church health seminars
  • Natural Church Development Survey
  • Consulting/Coaching as needed

Leadership Resources

  • Lead Like Jesus
    • Weekend Encounter, Small Group Bible Studies
  • Grip-Birkman Profile
  • Deep Change Bible Studies for Pastors and Wives
  • Biblical DISC
    • Individual profiles and Leadership Team Building